2nd Vice President - Dennis Morgan
                      Fantastic Elks Year
             It has been a fantastic year.
As Marcie and I continue to make our visitations, I am truly amazed with the friendliness and hospitality that each Lodge
has shown us. We traveled to lodges we have never been to before. Meeting Elks and making new friends. We are looking 
forward to the next year to visit more lodges and make new friends.
             Congratulations to Laradon  on their 75th anniversary.
Laradon is an amazing place. They continue to provide services 
to children and adults with developmental disabilities. I have always enjoyed working with and helping them.
              Don't forget, we still have the rest of the year for the calendar raffle. You still have time to win and at the same time 
help the Colorado Elks in their programs. Also ENF pins are still available. Buy a pin and contribute to ENF all at the same time.
Finally, I would like to thank our outgoing state president
Cindy Wyszynski and her husband Michael for all of their help
and guidance this past year. Cindy and Michael have done a
great job. I hope we can  be as good as they are. I also want to
thank vice presidents Geff McDaniel and JR Cruz for their support.
    Thank you        
Dennis Morgan , 3rd VP
3rd Vice President - Terry Gaber
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