Learn more about the CEA's fraternal committees and how we move the Elks organization forward!
As the premiere patriotic organization in the country, the BPOE takes special pride in its Americanism Committee.
Children in 5th through 8th grades are highly encouraged to participate in our Americanism Essay Contest, for a top prize of $1,000. Deadline to enter is December 15th. For more information, visit www.Elks.org.
Chair: David Norvell (Colorado Springs 309)
Co-chair: Gina Frank (Golden 2740)
Lodge Activities
Lodge Activities is the spirit of our organization. Our main objective is to find fun and creative ways to bring our membership together.
Whether it's Friday night dinners, Saturday dances, or charity fundraisers, our strength is in our camaraderie.
Chair: Cindy Curry-Olson (Canon City 610)
Membership is the undisputed heart of the Elks.
Everyone's membership in the organization is valued, and everyone has an opportunity to give back to their community through the Elks.
To hear testimony from members as to why they join, check out this great video at www.Elks.org!
Chair: Ruth Grainger-Starr (Victor 367)
Co-chair & Grand Lodge Fraternal Committee Member: Thomas Fraker (La Junta 701)