September 7-9

Colorado Elks Association

State Convention

What's it All About?

Join us for our annual convention where we vote on budgets and bylaw changes, elect new officers, hear committee reports, have a Memorial Service for our Departed Members, and compete in Ritual.
You know what else we're gonna do?
Meet the new Grand Exalted Ruler - Randy Shook - and his wife Wanda!
And special guest Dee Wright is going to help Veterans understand the PACT Act
AND she's going to do a stand-up comedy show at Opening Ceremonies!
AND we'll be installing a NEW PRESIDENT for the Colorado Elks Association!
So we're gonna celebrate.
And Laugh.
And Dance.
And Eat.
And have a great time!
Meetings Schedule
Friday 9/8
Introductions & Reports
8:30am-10:30am Saturday 9/9
This is when we vote!
Saturday 9/9
includes ENF awards, election results, & installation of officers
Ritual Schedule
8am Littleton
11am Colorado Springs
1pm Victor
3pm Aspen
9am Telluride
ER Flag Charge
PER 11 o'Clock Toast
Jolly Cork Toast
Other Happenings
Thursday 9/7
PACT Act Informational Meeting w/Dee Wright
Salon A
Thursday 9/7
Opening Ceremonies
Friday 9/8
Spouses' Luncheon
Friday 9/8
Fajita Dinner & Dancing!
featuring DJ Sassy Prez
Theme: Casual Friday
Saturday 9/9
Spouses' Come & Go Coffee w/First Lady Shook
Saturday 9/9
Memorial Service
Saturday 9/9
New President's Reception & Ritual Banquet
Got Questions?
Do you have a question you REALLY want to ask Grand Exalted Ruler Shook?
State Trustee Shirley Tipton will be conducting a short interview with the Grand during his visit.
We're gathering a list of insightful questions to ask.
So what do YOU want to know?
After the convention we'll post the interview on our brand new
Find us at @CEANews!

Denver Marriott South

10345 Park Meadows Drive
Lone Tree, Colorado, USA, 80124
Is your Lodge doing amazing work with their charitable programs?
Send us your photos!
NEW email address is
Be sure to include all the pertinent information with your photo:
Who, What, When, Where, Why
Like these great pics sent in by Littleton Lodge #1650 & Ouray Lodge #492!
Preschool bowling at Ouray Lodge #492
Rifle Raffle Donation
The Littleton Elks Lodge #1650 donated $1,155 to the Arapahoe Rescue Patrol in late July.
Pictured from left to right are Trustee Jeff Pater, Arapahoe Rescue Patrol Captain Cam Fitzpatrick, Littleton Elks Lodge member and donator of rifle Art Rice, ER Jimmy Stanley, Arapahoe Rescue Patrol Chief Justin Kanaber and Arapahoe Rescue Patrol President of the Board of Directors, Barbara Nicholas.
135th AV Regiment Family Day
Miguel Garcia, Littleton Elks #1650 member and CSE District Chair - Veteran’s Service, along with Americanism Chair of the Littleton Elks, Kim
Garcia, prepare food for the 135th AV Regiment Family Day.

From Your VPs...

Momentum is generally used to mean increasing forward motion. A boulder rolling down a hill gains momentum. So does a great idea, a team on a winning streak, or the economy. A team that has momentum is on the move and is going to take some effort to stop.

So why do we care if we have momentum? For Colorado Elks Lodges, the term “momentum” has 2 tangible measures. The first measure we can apply the equation to calculate our viability. If a Lodge loses members, money, or whatever mass(m) we look at, we can predict when a Lodge losing momentum will stop. A Lodge with a large mass(m) has the momentum to survive into perpetuity, but do they have “Elks Momentum”?

 The measure of “Elks Momentum” is the impact we have in our communities. If we add mass(m), our projects grow and prosper. The ENF adds mass by community investment grants. New Members add mass when they begin to volunteer and participate. This “Elks Momentum” can and will carry our Lodges as time marches on.

As we go forward, our goal is to add mass(m). We need to make sure we don’t become fat and bloated just to ensure survival. Our mass(m) should be productive, lean working, and high energy to move our Lodge, our State Association, and our Order in the future. 

If your Lodge is on my list (even if it isn’t) and there is an event you would like me to attend, please email me with the information, and I will do my best to schedule it.  Bulletin and newsletter editors, please add me to your electronic distribution list at

(see Geff's full article at President & VPs | Colorado Elks Association)
 Geff McDaniel
 1st Vice President
Hola Members,
Another year for the Colorado Elks Association has gone by. Thanks to everyone who helped make this past year a success.
A big KUDOS to our State President Cynthia Wyszynski and her husband Michael for an outstanding job in leading us and helping me along the way.
I look forward to another successful year with upcoming President Geff McDaniel and wife Ellen.

The fall is approaching soon, and the state will be showing off the colors of the season. Hope you get a
chance to visit throughout our wonderful state and look at what Colorful Colorado will showcase.
While you’re looking at the beauty of our state, don’t forget to stop by any or all our 55 Elk Lodges.
Talk to the members, find out what that lodge is doing and doing well. Take it back to your lodge and if you haven’t tried an idea that is working at someone else lodge, give it a shot. You just don’t know how it will improve your lodge and in turn, improve your community.

Thanks to all the lodges that I have visited. Your hospitality of welcoming Janet and myself is something we cannot forget. We look forward to continuing our visits throughout the state.
See you at this year’s
State Convention, looking forward to seeing you all there.

God bless and keep safe.
 Elevinio Cruz
 2nd Vice President
It has been a fantastic year.
As Marcie and I continue to make our visitations, I am truly amazed with the friendliness and hospitality that each Lodge has shown us.
We traveled to lodges we have never been to before. Meeting Elks and making new friends. We are looking forward to the next year to visit more lodges and make new friends.
Congratulations to Laradon  on their 75th anniversary.
Laradon is an amazing place. They continue to provide services to children and adults with developmental disabilities. I have always enjoyed working with and helping them.
Don't forget, we still have the rest of the year for the calendar raffle. You still have time to win and at the same time help the Colorado Elks in their programs. Also, ENF pins are still available. Buy a pin and contribute to ENF all at the same time.
Finally, I would like to thank our outgoing state president Cindy Wyszynski and her husband Michael for all of their help and guidance this past year.
Cindy and Michael have done a great job. I hope we can be as good as they are. (Editor's note: You're going to be great!)
I also want to thank vice presidents Geff McDaniel and JR Cruz for their support.
Thank you,
Dennis Morgan
 3rd Vice   President
Make your Lodge an All Star!
Use these great programs from the Fraternal Committee to help your lodge shine!
Showcase your Lodge as a valued community partner by participating in the All-American Lodge Contest. 
Active lodges value Contest A as an activity roadmap to guide them to a rewarding and successful year. Yearly participation leads to significant community involvement and recognition. Lodges become more active, more visible and “go from surviving to thriving lodges”!
The Exalted Ruler must forward completed entry forms (signed by both the ER and Lodge Secretary) with supporting/backup material to their District Deputy postmark no later than April 1st, 2024.
The District Deputy will verify and enter in the Points Earned column the Activities conducted by the Lodge. The DD will forward winners in each of the six divisions to the State Lodge Activities Chairman by April 15th, 2024.
State Lodge Activities Chair forward for national consideration the top three finalists in each of the six divisions by April 30th, 2024. 
 The 2023-2024 Americanism Essay Contest theme is “What does the Bill of Rights mean to me?”
The Local Lodge submission deadline is December 15th. Lodges have until January 31st to forward winners to their District Americanism Chairman, and district results must be forwarded to the State Americanism Chairman by February 28th
There are four separate divisions for judging essays:
Division I- 5th grade; Division II- 6th grade; Division III- 7th grade; Division IV- 8th grade.
Nationally, first-place, second place and third-place authors in each division will receive monetary awards of $1,000, $500, and $250 respectfully.
Many Lodges, Districts and State Associations also provide various forms of recognition to their respective winners, and the Fraternal Committee appreciates and encourages their extraordinary efforts in support of the contest.
We ask that your Americanism Committee send a certificate of Participation to each essay entrant. This is a fillable form that should be on the thumb drive you were given at the Grand Lodge session in Minneapolis.
Citizen, Elk and Officer of the Year Awards
request forms are available online and must be submitted to the Grand Secretary’s Office between January 1st and March 31st
Grand Exalted Ruler’s Outstanding Service Certificates - Exalted Rulers are authorized to issue two (2) Outstanding Member Certificates to persons performing outstanding Lodge service. 
Special Citations are awarded to Exalted Rulers and Lodges who meet certain criteria.
Requests for these Grand Exalted Ruler Award Forms need to be sent to your area Fraternal Committeeman no later than March 31st, 2024 using forms available at the site listed above.

The Colorado Elks Association is honored to have Grand Exalted Ruler Randy Shook and First Lady Wanda Shook join us for our 120th State Convention!

Introducing Grand Exalted Ruler Randy Shook
My theme for 2023–2024 is “WE ARE THE ELKS.”
As we move into a new Lodge year, we should promote our Elks programs like never before. This will make our Lodges stronger and improve our image throughout our great Order. Each of you are a member of the team that will carry your Lodge to victory this year.
It is your efforts that will promote the Grand Lodge Programs in your communities. You ARE THE ELKS in your community’s eyes. Without your wholehearted commitment to the team, victory is probably out of reach.
Over 155 years ago, a small group of actors and entertainers who enjoyed each other’s company and friendship formed The Jolly Corks. Suddenly, the need for charity arose among one of their own, and the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks was born. Our great Order is rich in history and tradition, and it should be our pledge to continue these virtues from one generation to the next.
Let’s look at the virtues in our name. Benevolent — good, caring, charitable; Protective — providing safety and meeting the needs of those less fortunate. That is who we are. “WE ARE THE ELKS.”
We must plan our events, have participation in our productions, and practice our virtues, and we will create a positive perception of our great Order. Remember, you are what you are perceived to be. “WE ARE THE ELKS.”
Let your communities know about the great works we perform each and every day through our donation of time, our funding, usage of our facilities by local organizations, and our work with youth, veterans, and the less fortunate who may need our assistance.
Create relationships with your government leaders, schools, and other groups that work toward the improvement of your community. We will let our communities know: “WE ARE THE ELKS.”
— Randy P. Shook Grand Exalted Ruler 2023-2024
From the State President
With just 10 days left in my term, I feel like there's only one thing for me to say, and it's essential for me to say it over and over again:
To the Vice Presidents and Officers of the Colorado Elks Association who encouraged, supported, and helped me in this epic journey.
To my husband, Michael, and my mom, Dale, for jumping on every Crazy Train I pull into the station and joining me for the ride.
To the Meetings Commission & our Convention Admins for toughing it out with me this year - I didn't make it easy, but in the end we had a lot of fun!
To the Committee Chairs - state, district, & local - who work so hard to bring our Colorado Elks programs to life and who show the world how amazing it is to be an Elk.
To my Lodge (yea, Telluride!) - they have been supportive of my work in the Elks from Day One, and even stepped up to compete in Ritual for the first time in many, many years!
When I accepted the office a year ago, I stated that my theme would be "Moving Forward in Leaps & Bounds." The three main pillars I wanted to concentrate on were communications, reviving the leadership training, and creating a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Committee.
While there is still plenty of work to be done in these areas, I am proud of what has been accomplished.
Our new website has been working great, our leadership team has a plan of action for this next year and our quarterly breakout sessions have been top-notch, and at the State Convention we will be voting on adding the DEIB Committee to our by-laws. Our breakout sessions have highlighted just how important this committee and concept is for the well-being of all our members.
The Colorado Elks Association was a shining star of Grand Lodge in Minneapolis this year. Many of our accomplishments were recognized, and 6,000 Elks and guests witnessed the premiere of the "Breaking Barriers" video - a film that highlights the amazing work done at the Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic in Aspen/Snowmass/Glenwood Springs every year.
(To view the video, click on the "Click Me" button below.)
It was an absolute honor to represent Colorado in the parade of state flags.
The State Convention is going to be fantastic. Special guest Dee Wright will not only give a presentation to Veterans about the PACT Act, but she'll also give a standup comedy performance at the Opening Ceremonies!
Grand Exalted Ruler Randy Shook and First Lady Wanda Shook will be joining us, and there WILL be dancing!
And we'll be hearing a wonderful announcement from Laradon!
I have every confidence that VPs Geff, JR, and Dennis will continue to move the Colorado Elks Association's programs and learning opportunities forward as they take the helm of this outstanding organization.
My heart is overflowing with gratitude and love, and I have YOU to thank for that!
Carry on, lovely humans.